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A young girl grows up hungry but goes on to become an award-winning actress. Hollywood script? No, that’s the real deal for Viola Davis—and the reason she’s

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When Jessica Melore was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in her uterus, she didn’t panic. Melore, a motivational speaker and former Glamour Top 10 College Women of

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Beauty The Beauty Evolution of Kylie Jenner, from Freckle-Faced Teen to Full-On Glamour Girl This could be the most fun one yet.

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Feb 04, 2012 · In this video Patti offers tips and tricks on How to Secure a Wig. Patti provides details on Wig Security and shows you the best ways to Secure your Wig on

Long, short, and everything in between! All sorts of sexy wigs and hair accessories from the internationally renowned Lingerie Diva. Fast and free shipping.

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Dec 21, 2012 · A got a new mask and wear it with the femskin and a shiny body.

The good news first: You got a gorgeous new wig that is totally worth its “$eriously?!” price tag because it’s long, real hair that makes you look like Beyoncé—or

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What defines glamour more than large, flow-y waves? The Picture Perfect Wig is a long style with side-swept bangs. Its texture is rich and natural, making it an ideal

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